How to open a stuck dvd player tray

how to open a stuck dvd player tray

Have you ever needed to open your CD or DVD drive generally referred to as your ' optical drive ' but couldn't? Just your luck, your favorite movie, video game, or music was probably stuck inside.

Maybe the laptop's power died, maybe the drive in your desktop just quit responding, or maybe the door was just stuck or the disc came loose from a try just enough to jam things up.

Regardless of what's happening, or what you think might be happening, there's no reason to rush out and replace the disc or drive just because the eject button doesn't do what you expected it to do.

how to open a stuck dvd player tray

Fortunately, one of the following two methods almost always does the trick to get the drive open:. We'll start with the easiest way to get the drive open - skip the physical button on the outside and ask your operating system to force eject the disc. You can only try this if your computer has power and is working.

Skip down to the next section if that's not the case. Open File Explorer if you're using Windows 10 or Windows 8. Open Windows Explorer in earlier versions of Windows. You can do this by looking for that option when you right-click the Start button. Once open, navigate to the optical drive from the menu on the left.

This drive is often auto-named based on what disc is inside the drive but there's usually a small disc icon to help identify it. If you have trouble finding it, look for This PC on the left in Windows 10 or 8, or Computer in earlier versions. Click the icon to the left to expand this if it's collapsed. Right-click or tap-and-hold on the optical drive and choose Eject from the menu that pops up or down.

Using a Mac? Similar to the method described above for Windows, find the disc icon, right-click on it, and then choose Eject. Here are some more ideas.

HP Desktop PCs - Opening a Stuck CD or DVD Drive Tray (Windows 7, Vista, XP)

It sounds strange, yes, but most computer optical drives, including external ones and those you'll find in your game systems like Xbox and PlayStation, have a tiny pinhole that's designed as a last resort method to get the drive bay open. The whole process will take less than a few minutes and is very easy. Unfold the paper clip until there is at least 1 to 2 inches 2 to 5 cm that are as close to straight as you can get it.

Look closely at your disc drive. Directly under or above the drive bay door the part that 'ejects' the discthere should be a very small pinhole. If you have one of those desktop optical drives where a large door flips down before the drive bay ejects, pull that down with your finger and then look for the pinhole. Some older desktops require the opening of the front panel, sort of like a large "door" to the computer's housingto get to this pinhole.

Insert the paper clip into the pinhole.

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Inside the drive, directly behind the pinhole, is a small gear that, when rotated, will begin to manually open the drive. Remove and reinsert the paper clip as often as needed to eject the drive bay enough to grab hold of it. Slowly pull the drive bay until it's fully retracted. Take care not to pull too quickly or to continue to pull when you feel resistance. If these steps don't work, or you find yourself using the paper clip trick often, it may be time to look at some other options At this point, there's likely something physically wrong with the drive or another part of the computer.

Here are some things to consider doing:.It may open at times and yet at other times just will now. If you are facing this problem, are a few thing you may try.

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First, restart your Windows PC and see if it helps. I have found that a simple restart solves many problems including this one. You may also try clicking on the Eject button while the computer is booting and see if it works. Look for a small hole below the Drive Tray. This is the Manual Tray Release. Take a pin or a straightened-out paper click and insert and push it in the hole.

I hope one of this help. If it does not, then you can try this freeware Tray to open and close a stuck optical drive tray. Check out Tray Control. This tool allows users to open or close their optical drive without using their computers button. It shows radio buttons for up to 4 optical drives. This is quite a handy utility to have if your tray gets frequently stuck due to some reason. Know of any more tricks? Please do share below in the Comments! AnandK TWC. Here is something similar.

Sometimes the drive arm will hang down too far and catch the opening in the tray and keep it from opening. In these cases, use the paper clip to unlock the tray and gently pry the tray open from the edges.Check our tips and fixes! Sign out. Select registration option.

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Stan Harrison: Jammed DVD/CD tray? Fix it yourself for less than $1

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See your browser's documentation for specific instructions. HP Customer Support. Select your model. How does HP install software and gather data?

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Are you working from home? This document explains alternative methods of opening or closing a CD or DVD drive tray that does not operate normally. This document offers solutions due to the following conditions: The drive tray is stuck open. Use one of the following sections, depending on if the drive tray drawer is stuck in the closed position, or the open position.

Opening a CD or DVD drive tray that is stuck closed Windows 7 and earlier Use the following steps, in order, until the drive door opens:. If all pieces cannot be found, the drive should be replaced as the damaged pieces can cause further damage to the computer and other discs.

If the keyboard has a disc Eject key, press it. The Eject key is usually placed by the volume knob and is marked by a triangle pointing up with a line underneath. In earlier versions of Windows, click Startand then click My Computer.

Right-click the icon for the disc drive that is stuck, and then click Eject.

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Figure : Eject disc in Windows 7. If the drive door button is a long clear plastic bar on the front of the computer, press firmly on the right side of bar. Some models have a button on the front panel of the computer to the right of the hinged door. Press the button to eject the drive. If the drive door button is part of the computer case and is covering the actual drive door, open the door that is part of the computer case and press the Eject button on the faceplate of the drive.

Restart the computer and press the Eject button on the front of the drive when the first screen appears before Windows launches. If the drive door opens this way, but does not open in Windows, another software program is taking control of the disc driver. Try shutting down or configuring any software programs that create discs or monitor the disc drive.

If the door still does not open, insert the end of a straightened paper clip into the manual eject hole on the front of the drive.

Close all programs and shut down the computer. Look for the small hole on the faceplate of the disc drive. This is the manual release hole. The location of the manual release hole will vary. Check the documentation that came with your computer for information about removing the front panel.

VLOG - Philips DVD Player Repair

Figure : Removing the front panel. Do not force the paper clip into the hole if it does not go in. Make sure that the hole is not actually the LED.It's happened to you. I know it has. Nothing happens. You press again. And again. The tray is stuck. Now what? You could take your DVD player to the nearest electronics repair shop. But they'd probably charge just as much or more to look at it as it would cost to replace it. So unless your DVD player is still under warranty or you've purchased an extended warranty, you're out of luck.

You pry your stuck player open, retrieve your DVD, junk the now-damaged player and head to the nearest big box electronics store. Sometimes simply unplugging the player for a few minutes will reset the electronics, and you'll once again have a fully functioning DVD player.

If that doesn't work, don't give up yet. The DVD tray is connected to a series of gears, a motor and a rubber belt. When the motor is engaged, it turns the belt, which in turn moves the gears that open or close the tray. The problem typically is a broken belt. The motor turns on, but with no belt, it can't turn the gears that operate the tray. Of course, you could try to buy a new rubber belt online -- if you can find one. But even though the cost of the belt itself wouldn't be much, the cost of shipping would hardly make it worth your while.

There's nothing to lose. Even if you mess up while attempting your own repair, you simply end up buying yourself a new DVD player anyway. Getting started. Unplug the DVD player and take it to your workshop.

Make sure you have a clean surface and plenty of light. A flashlight can help when looking at small parts. You'll need a small Phillips screwdriver, a small flat-blade screwdriver, a cotton swab and some WD lubricant. First, look at the underside of the player.During these challenging times, we guarantee we will work tirelessly to support you.

how to open a stuck dvd player tray

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Updated: March 2, References. You can usually open the tray by pressing the eject button on the drive or keyboard, as well as by selecting the Eject option in the Windows File Explorer. If the drive will not open using traditional methods, you can use the manual release hole on or near the door to manually eject the tray—just make sure to turn off the PC and remove all connected power cables first. Close all open apps. Press the eject button.

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How to Fix a DVD/BD/CD Drive That Won't Open or Eject

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